After a Bachelor Degree in Electrical engineering and with the Enthusiasm for Games and to do something more creative, I was engaged to learn Gamedesign with a special interest in Animation. I decided finally to learn more about 3D Modeling/Design/Animation and Gamedesign.

I have completed my training in Game Design in 2010.

The teaching content was Webdesign and the Adobe Creative Master Suite: Indesign,Photoshop,Illustrator,Flashanimation/Games with Actionscript3, Javascript,CorelDraw, Storyboard, video editing with Premiere. Blender and the Blender GameEngine.

I have an excellent knowledge of Blender3D and was learning Unity since the version 2.5 was out.In 2012 I have developed some Android-Games from A-Z  and published them in the Google-Market.Since 2012 I  helped in several projects as Freelancer doing CharacterDesign/Animation,Unity - Gamedesign/MobileDevelopment.

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One of my favorite quotes:


"There’s a lot of boredom, there’s a lot of grind, and a lot of anxiety where you think  ‘am i as good as i think i am, am i ever going to really make it?’ But don’t worry about that. You know if you’re doing what you love, even if you’re not making any money out of it you are still better off than 99% of the people in this world who are not doing what they love. "


                             Alan Moore